Clinical Pilates is Physiotherapy

At Complete Wellness Physiotherapy Kalamunda, we use a variety of treatment modalities in our scope of practice. These include manipulation, mobilisation, acupuncture, kinesiotaping, ultrasound and many others. However, by far the modality used the most is our Clinical Pilates program. This is due to the strong interrelationship between a Clinical Pilates regime and the principles of physiotherapy as a means of healing and the maintenance of function and movement. Clinical Pilates aims to address the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms

In most cases, a physiotherapist will prescribe exercise as part of a treatment plan.

Clinical Pilates is exercise, specifically designed to match a person’s individual needs. For this reason we at Complete Wellness Physiotherapy prefer to implement Clinical Pilates to patients who require exercise, as Clinical Pilates has a number of benefits when compared to regular exercise.

There are two main reasons why we at Complete Wellness Physiotherapy prefer to prescribe a Clinical Pilates program over regular exercise.

Clinical Pilates makes use of specific exercises which are tailored to each individual.

A qualified Clinical Pilates trained physiotherapist performs the assessments which help determine the most effective exercises for the patient based on their preferred movement direction and the side of the body which is causing the problem. Nearly every patient displays a “direction preference” (direction their body prefers to move in) and a problem side (side of the body from where the problems arise). Only a Clinical Pilates trained physiotherapist is qualified to determine these and once assessed only a physio can prescribe the specific exercises to match the individual. This has benefits over regular exercise which is multidirectional and non-specific, and furthermore Clinical Pilates exercises provide the body with superior sensory feedback, which enhances the effect of exercise. For these reasons Clinical Pilates is superior to regular exercise.

Clinical Pilates exercises offer a far larger range of benefits compared to regular exercise.

As mentioned, Clinical Pilates exercises are specific to the individual and move in a direction which the body finds therapeutic. Moreover as the exercises are determined by a qualified Clinical Pilates trained physiotherapist with knowledge of human function, the exercises are highly functional and therefore enhance the effect of normal exercise.

Subsequently, people who take part in Clinical Pilates often find that not only is their original problem improved, but they notice improvements in balance, strength, coordination and flexibility. Furthermore the regimen of highly specific and effective exercise improve a person’s sense of well being, which means Clinical Pilates helps the mind as well as the body.