Neck Pain

Neck Pain & Physiotherapy

Many causes of neck pain

There may be many reasons as to why you may be suffering from neck pain or headaches. Your pain may be sudden in onset, in which case you may have sprained a muscle or joint. Or it might be more gradual in onset, brought about through having a poorly designed workstation, or spending too much time texting on your phone with your neck in a forward flexed posture.

Your neck pain may also be the result of how you move. You might have faulty biomechanics or movement patterns.

Accurate assessment will inform the best approach

One of our physiotherapists will take you through a thorough assessment consultation, which will inform us as to the nature and cause of your neck pain. Our physiotherapists are all extensively trained manual therapists, which means that in the assessment process they can detect what is happening at every level in your neck.

Posture is very connected to neck pain

Did you know that your posture is very connected to your neck pain? For every 2-3 mm your head slips forward the load on your neck and shoulder muscles doubles. This can cause tension and pain in your neck, shoulders and back.

Be aware of muscle imbalance

Muscle imbalance is usually the result of poor posture and faulty work habits. If you sit at a desk all day, you will generally be tight through the front of your shoulders, whilst the muscles in your upper back will be stretched and weakened. We can help you to overcome this.

Expert assessment will ensure the right exercises

We will expertly assess your posture and it’s possible contribution to your pain, and then design for you the right exercises for you.

The right exercises are essential

If you want to have a healthy functioning back and neck, you need to do the right exercises, correctly. We can design a training program for you that consists of the most up to date evidence based exercises to do at home. If you need more supervision in our clinic, we will guide you towards our Clinical Pilates program.

We help you understand what is happening to your body by providing effective holistic treatment with a program to move well again

About Complete Wellness Physiotherapy

We are the leading physiotherapy and clinical pilates practice in Kalamunda. Our clinic is an established centre of excellence. Simply stated, we’ll give you complete care! Our principal physiotherapist is involved in the teaching and training of physiotherapists locally, nationally and internationally. We use the most up to date and state-of-the-art equipment. Our programmes integrate cutting edge research, are fully supervised, evidence based and our client outcomes are excellent.

Our vision is to help people achieve complete wellness by being a leader and centre of excellence in physiotherapy & clinical pilates.

Moz Quinn, Principal Physiotherapist

“The team at Complete Wellness Physiotherapy is always friendly and professional. Most importantly for me, they help to motivate me to keep my program going. They always keep up to date with the latest treatments and follow up to make sure everything is progressing as planned. Thanks to the team for being so supportive.”

Mark Sinclair

“The staff at Complete Wellness are always so friendly, the physio’s are always running on time, and comfort me when I’ve not been feeling my best. They always give additional exercises to do at home to support my treatment and recovery, and have always been happy to help me. This clinic is highly recommended!!!”

Annie Bella

“Thrilled to have found such a wonderful Practise that provides the best treatment and facilities. I have struggled with pain for years and tried countless physiotherapists with no relief. Complete Wellness Physiotherapy has provided me with a better quality of life every day, reducing most of the pain, and a fantastic treatment plan tailored to my needs. The staff are a credit to this Practise.”

Amber Hall

“Complete Wellness Physiotherapy provide an exceptional physiotherapy service. The one on one consults, comprehensive assessment and subsequent treatment plan I’ve been given have not relieved pain and addressed the underlying cause of my symptoms. Ongoing education is clearly a priority for these physios. Very happy with treatment and service. Highly recommended!”

Robyn McKern

“We have attended Complete Wellness Physiotherapy over the past few years. They have a respectful, caring and professional approach. We love their willingness to explain the treatment options and help with our health. The home exercise programs are great as is the enthusiastic encouragement to keep us motivated. Moz and his team strive for excellence.

Jeff, Annie, Michael & Amelia Wallis

“The team at Complete Wellness Physiotherapy make you feel cared for. They are very professional in everything they do. Moz is always looking for new and innovative ways to improve the services CWP offers and to develop the team’s skills. The culture is just what you wish for in health care services.”

Margaret Armitage