What are Orthotics?

An orthotic is a prescriptive support for your feet that is customized to help improve poor foot alignment and improve foot function. Custom orthotics are made specifically for your feet, to correct any imbalances or abnormalities in your foot structure.

Not only can they help with abnormalities and pain in the foot, they help with pain conditions and alignment in the lower limb and back. Orthotics fit into your shoe as comfortably as an insole.

How Orthotics work

Orthotics work to correct any abnormalities in the alignment and structure of the foot and ankle to make functional tasks such as running and walking more efficient. This is achieved by improving shock absorption, improving balance and improving muscular function.

Orthotics are also an effective treatment tool for a wide variety of foot and lower limb pain conditions.

Benefits of Orthotics

Sub-optimal foot structure and alignment can contribute to pain in areas elsewhere than just the foot. Many musculoskeletal conditions stem from biomechanical abnormalities that orthotics can help to improve.

Conditions that Orthotics can help improve are:

  • Pain in the foot (e.g. Achilles tendinopathy, arch pain, plantar fasciitis)
  • Leg and ankle pain (e.g. shin splints, recurrent ankle sprains)
  • Knee and hip pain (e.g. patella-femoral pain, bursitis)
  • Back pain

What is involved in getting Orthotics?

Book in with one of our physiotherapists for a full biomechanical assessment and a gait scan assessment. The comprehensive gait scan analysis together with your physiotherapists’ expert knowledge of anatomy and musculoskeletal function will tell you whether orthotics will be of benefit to you. If so, they will work with you to prescribe the perfect customized orthotic specific to you and your functional needs.

We help you understand what is happening to your body by providing effective holistic treatment with a program to move well again

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Moz Quinn, Principal Physiotherapist

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“Thrilled to have found such a wonderful Practise that provides the best treatment and facilities. I have struggled with pain for years and tried countless physiotherapists with no relief. Complete Wellness Physiotherapy has provided me with a better quality of life every day, reducing most of the pain, and a fantastic treatment plan tailored to my needs. The staff are a credit to this Practise.”

Amber Hall

“Complete Wellness Physiotherapy provide an exceptional physiotherapy service. The one on one consults, comprehensive assessment and subsequent treatment plan I’ve been given have not relieved pain and addressed the underlying cause of my symptoms. Ongoing education is clearly a priority for these physios. Very happy with treatment and service. Highly recommended!”

Robyn McKern

“We have attended Complete Wellness Physiotherapy over the past few years. They have a respectful, caring and professional approach. We love their willingness to explain the treatment options and help with our health. The home exercise programs are great as is the enthusiastic encouragement to keep us motivated. Moz and his team strive for excellence.

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“The team at Complete Wellness Physiotherapy make you feel cared for. They are very professional in everything they do. Moz is always looking for new and innovative ways to improve the services CWP offers and to develop the team’s skills. The culture is just what you wish for in health care services.”

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