The Ridgway Method

Our Physiotherapists at Complete Wellness Physiotherapy Kalamunda have all trained in the Ridgway Method.

Complete Wellness Physiotherapy is the only clinic in Kalamunda that uses the Ridgway Method.

RM seeks firstly to determine the exact nature and cause of your pain / injury, and then to successfully treat it. This “hands-on” approach examines all possible contributing factors to your condition; and effectively pinpoints what it takes to return you to 100% pain free function.

Have you ever wondered what is causing your pain?

Your pain may be due to: tight muscles; stiff joints; tight / irritated nerves; poor breathing control; poor muscle control. RM will identify the exact cause of your problem.

The process itself involves 10 steps. Everyone (~95% of all patients) who successively progress through the 10 steps, achieves full pain free function. The 5% who don’t are very quickly identified as requiring further investigation or alternative rehabilitation.

Further Information

As specialists in treating injury and pain, we recommend that you look at the following links:

Explains the detail of why you are suffering from pain and how this can be experienced in a different location to your condition.

Explains the Ridgway Method, a unique problem solving method that Kate, Stephanie and Moz use at CWP.

If you like to have a thorough understanding of  “Accumulative Strain”, which accounts for an enormous percentage of pain and injury, please look at the following link:

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